Secrets to a Super Slim Wallet!

The first step to the best super-slim wallet, is to simply get a smaller one. This forces you to ask: What do I absolutely need and use everyday? Why are there so many gum wrappers and receipts in my wallet? Should I really use my wallet as a photo album and a Rolodex? Do I really need 10+ credit and rewards cards?

Use a trash can (or recycling bin)

Even after you switch to a smaller wallet, garbage can make its way into it. Because I have littering guilt, this happens to me a lot. I’ve had my wallet filled with everything from bus transfers to gum wrappers.

These should obviously be thrown out, but there’s also another type of trash that can also bulk up your wallet: bits of paper that seem important but aren’t. These include:

  • ATM receipts
  • Movie stubs
  • Restaurant receipts
  • Past concert tickets

Leave your photos at home

There are some things you don’t want to throw out. Like photos of your friends, relatives and pets. We all want to remember our loved ones. But is sitting on them in a warm wallet underneath your butt the best way to cherish them? Probably not. Instead, use Flickr or any of the one million photo album sites to treasure and share your photos.

Stop using your wallet as a filing cabinet

Your wallet isn’t a photo album, and it shouldn’t be a filing cabinet either. Avoid using your wallet to permanently keep important notes like appointment reminders, revolutionary ideas, or the phone number of a hot date. Instead, enter this information in a smartphone or notebook you already carry.

Review your wallet regularly

Don’t have a smartphone or notebook to capture vital notes? Store them in your wallet-but only temporarily. When you get home, review your wallet and empty out everything except the most frequently used items. Process the rest into your trash can, calendar, address book, or filing cabinet. If you’re a GTD-addict, think of your wallet as an Inbox that must be reviewed everyday.

Stop using cash

Along with trash, photos, and notes, you should also rid your wallet of paper bills. Cash is dying a slow death, and for good reason. It clogs your wallet and if lost or stolen, is gone forever. You can ensure its death by simply using your check or debit card all the time. It lets you track your purchases online and has the convenience of a credit card, but without the finance charges. Best of all, most banks have fraud-protection, meaning you get your money back if your card gets stolen.

Use only one credit or debit card

Without cash, the allure of collecting more credit cards is nearly irresistible. But no matter how many cards you spread it out on, debt is still debt.

For a super-slim wallet and a healthier budget, stick to one credit card-or your debit card. For the other cards, you can:

  • Cut them up, and pay off the debt slowly.
  • Cut them up, and pay off the debt quickly.
  • Cut them up, and consolidate all the debt into your primary card or low-interest loan.
  • I reluctantly cut up all of my credit cards last year, and it was the most liberating thing I’ve ever done. If you do the same, your wallet and your budget will thank you.

Consolidate your rewards cards

After getting rid of your credit cards, you’ll still have to deal with all the endless reward cards packed in your wallet. These proliferate because it feels special to be a member of anything, from bookstores to supermarkets to unicycle shops. Many of them do offer useful savings, so I wouldn’t recommend throwing them all out

To ease your crowded wallet:

Punch a hole in the corner of each of your rewards card and gather them together with a carabiner. Keep them at home near your front door and take only the ones you need when you leave.

Use to create and print out the barcodes for each card and combine them all onto one card.
Lastly, these are some reasons why The following are just a few reasons why it’s a good idea for you to not have more than two or three credit cards:

It signals lenders that you have the potential to get over your head in debt fast. It may cause banks to decline you for other types of loans, knowing that you could run up a sizeable chunk of debt on your credit cards.

A handful of cards are more easily lost, stolen, or misused by employees than is a single card.

Each additional card means a monthly statement that must be carefully scrutinized to make sure each charge is legitimate, further increasing your paperwork.

Each card likely has an annual fee, so too many cards probably wastes money on renewal charges.

Respect it, and you will never lose it! It will always be a joy to carry around instead of a mere necessity.

Why Choose Italian Homemade Products?

Choosing a variety of dishes for dinner is not an easy question. Hundreds of brands, designs, different materials to choose from … and so much money to buy that mistakes will be unfortunate.

Well, I can’t help you make your choice. However, if you want to stand out from the crowd and strive for something truly different and unique, like Italian handmade products for dinner, here are some useful information.

Italian Products Made of

Italian cutlery sets are usually made of ceramics, a word derived from the Greek word Keramos and means “clay”. Ceramics that are commonly used are the most common terms that can be used for porcelain and ceramics.

Technically, most Italian dishes are made of pottery, which is cakes or biscuits that are baked at low temperatures from 1800 to 2100 degrees Fahrenheit. This is the oldest pottery in history: pottery from 1400-1200 BC. BC Found.

Italian Handmade Products

Italian tableware, dishes and kitchen utensils are usually made of red or white clay. Red clay, harder and denser, is used for parts that need more heat resistance and more resistance for everyday use, e.g. B. plates, bowls, cups, mugs. Functional accessories such as croutons and glasses often consist of white clay.

All glazes and paints that artists use for their equipment and kitchen utensils must be lead-free and cadmium in accordance with FDA standards and US import regulations. Check this before you buy a plate. Dear retailer, in your item description, food safety is always mentioned 100%.

How to find a Product is good to go?

After the first roasting, the biscuits must be soaked in a quick-drying liquid glaze bath to hold the liquid. After drying, the piece of glass was hand painted.

At the beginning of the end at 1690 ° Fahrenheit, the glaze interacts with metal oxides by which artists create deep and shiny translucent colors that are characteristic of Italian ceramics.

Italian homemade ceramics

To find out what clay is made of ceramics, you don’t need to break it … just turn it upside down. There is always an unglazed area at the bottom which prevents the pieces from sticking to the oven surface. The sound is clearly visible there.

What does handmade mean?

This convincing word makes the difference between art and mass production and has a value inherent in most of us. It evokes a simple but profound way of life, a sense of memory and history, creative movements that shape the imagination.

Italian ceramics, the original I want to say, are always handmade.This means that the potter uses ordinary lumps of smooth clay, throws them onto the wheels, and creates shapes which are then painted. The quality of the shape depends on the skill of the potter, on the proper and natural drying and on the first burning of the furnace.

homemade products italy

But the dishes are the exception. They are usually pressed to get the perfect shape. Why? Have you ever seen a pile of handmade plates? He never seemed to wake up because there was no dish like the others. You don’t want to pay a lot of money to have a plate that isn’t round and full of jam. Unless you are looking for a special vintage look!

Hand Painted Dishes:

Have you ever seen an Italian artist who painted a piece of ceramics? Oh, that’s amazing.

I have personally visited a number of artist studios. I was impressed with all of them and was amazed at their concentrated movements. No matter how many times you have painted the same design, your brushes always move with the same mixture of security and creative passion for glaze.

Italian artist ceramics

To find out the value hidden in hand-painted Italian ceramic pieces, you need to know a few things.

  • Pottery shouldn’t make mistakes when painting in a glass-whip. Color cannot be removed without affecting the whole job.
  • The raw color rarely matches the roast color. The beautiful blue that was so popular at Renaissance majolica – and still one of my favorite colors in the background – was actually pale pink before the oven was roasted!

This is an artist’s experience that moves raw color choices when creating new designs.

However, the results of new color combinations are always unpredictable, because each color requires its own combustion temperature to achieve perfect shade. Some values ​​can change the final result more or less, sometimes dramatically.

This is about the chemical reaction between the various colors of metal oxides, glaze and temperature. New dish designs usually have to be tested a lot before they really fit the creative idea of ​​the artist.

Group Insurance for Businesses

Group health insurance packages can be defined as insurance coverage by employers or other institutions that include everyone in the group.

Group health insurance is something that everyone wants, because groups receive a better percentage than people about health care (insurance in general). Many people who work alone or who want the best prices give insurance companies a bigger corporate appearance and try to get cheaper health insurance rates. Group insurance is discounted compared to individual health insurance, making it profitable to get a group plan. Remember that group insurance is only part of the equation. Deductions, joint payments, and other variables are included in the price you receive, so individual or family health insurance can be affordable in the long run.

group health insurance chicago

Group Insurance & Employee Benefits

Group health insurance is insurance arranged by the employer for his employees. This type of insurance protection allows employers to pay only a portion of the premium for their employee insurance policies.

Group insurance is basically an insurance policy used by employers to cover medical expenses for their employees. In the past, employers had to provide 100% compensation to workers, now employers only need to pay a portion of the employee insurance premium.

With the new law passed by the congress, net employee costs for group health insurance can be significantly reduced.

How can companies benefit from this policy?

It is a well-known fact that group health plans are highly valued by employees, with most employees even placing group health insurance in second place after cash benefits. Organizations with such guidelines have confirmed that group health insurance has allowed them to recruit and retain the best in their business. Employers do not give up group health insurance benefits. Most entrepreneurs have not yet bought health. They are willing to take a better and cheaper insurance plan if they take out insurance through the company than if they take out individual health insurance.

group health insurance illinois

Group health insurance offers additional special bonuses in the form of tax incentives for employers and employees. For example, as an employer, you can lower your wage tax, but offer your employee group health insurance as part of an overall compensation package, and thus deduct 100% of the premium you have to pay based on qualifications. Group health insurance. In addition, your employees can pay a portion of their monthly bonus with pre-tax funds.

Individual Pay

Even though the employer is required to pay a certain percentage of the employee’s individual premium, which is between 25% and 50% depending on state law and insurance companies. If the employee wants to broaden the scope of his spouse or care, the employer can pay a percentage of this fee, but is not required to do so. There is no illicit group health insurance which is currently the cheapest health insurance. If you are offered this option as an employee, you really need to consider it. Spouses and children can often be included in such plans.

Factors of Good Group Insurance

Employers can choose to offer a free service insurance package, a preferred service provider, or a health insurance package. Direct offers for group insurance are available on the Internet, and most health insurance companies also offer group offers for health insurance through their agent network and make them available to visitors to their offices.

health insurance broker chicago

One factor that must be considered by group insurance organizations is the point. No more or less than that: Group health insurance is cheaper than individual insurance. That is the truth. But it’s still not cheap, there isn’t even a health program in America.

Employers can choose health insurance based on the following guidelines to meet their needs:

  • Find out more on the website and health insurance company brochure that you have included in the list.
  • Compare services, costs, and what they pay for.
  • Find out if there are services or diseases that are excluded from the rules.
  • Note the start and end date of the insurance policy.
  • Check when insurance coverage starts, because some health insurance companies only insure you from their third payment.
  • Stay away from the rules that limit your choices whether you can choose the period to stay with them.
  • Finally, stay away from group insurance policies that only cover limited illness.

Find the Best Health Insurance in Chicago

Facts to buy Car from Japanese Exporter

There’s nothing better than a car auction in Japan. You probably already know that Japan exports a lot of vehicles. Despite the economic downturn, they are still among the best car manufacturers in the world.

What you might not know is that thousands and thousands of cars are sold at auctions across the country almost every day of the week in Japan. The auction house alone can have up to ten thousand cars available on auction day. Every brand and model you can think of goes through the auction system every week.

car auction in Japan

Where did the car come from? Most of them are normal people who are trying to sell their cars now as simple as possible. The Japanese have a strong incentive to get rid of their old car because of a two-year inspection called Shaken. This inspection becomes expensive because of the age of your car and people in Japan prefer new and used goods.

Is it Worth Buying a Car?

Another aspect of Japanese culture is that people take great pride in maintaining the cleanliness of their cars. The cars are usually in very good condition. In addition, roads in Japan are usually narrow and crowded, so the distance is relatively low compared to other countries. While cars in the domestic market are good for Japan, resale value appears to have an impact on exports to countries such as New Zealand, Australia and the United Kingdom.

How do you know that a car is reliable?

An independent inspection is carried out, showing every detail of the car, so the buyer knows what they are getting is reliable. Inspections are very strict and inspectors are proud of their accuracy. Everything you want to know about the car can be found on the inspection sheet, ranging from mileage and characteristics to the table with signs or scratches on the outside.

japan used cars for export

How does the offer work?

Fast and fun deals. Most auctions take less than a minute. Each bidder has its own terminal connected by a button. In fact, it is currently possible to bid on the Internet from home if you have the right equipment. When the auction starts, each bidder pushes a button and the price goes up. The seller can set a replacement price. If the car does not match this price, the car is not sold. The auction ends when no one presses a button.

car export from japan

What Happens if you Win?

Well, you have to pay it! Then it depends on whether you export or not. If you plan to send it overseas, the auction house can store it for several days when you arrange transportation. If not, the car is yours when you pay and you can drive it as soon as the documents are ready.

Best Flash Games to play in 2020

Rating: 5 out of 5.

A lot of people grew up playing flash games, and many of us still play them from time to time. Through this article, we will give you the list of the best flash games ever played. The list, composed of 8 flash games, is selected based on the quality of the game’s content, its popularity and the originality of the idea. We would like to point out that all games are free. Start!

The Worlds Easiest Game

Do you want to test your knowledge of the world? Then try to play the easiest quiz game in the world. In it, we will present to your attention an exciting questionnaire. When you start the game, you’ll see a specific question in front of you. Underneath him you will be given several answers. You will need to carefully read the question and then select one from the given answer list. If you gave it correctly, skip to the next question and get points. If the answer is incorrect, the search will fail.

Infinite Mario Bros

Who doesn’t know the Mario Bros games developed by Nintendo? Infinite Mario Bros is a little different because once you finish a level, what will happen next is really unexpected. It’s one of the most fun games to play.

This is the only level

As the name says, this game is a bit weird because you will play in the same place and on the same platform, but wait! The more you play, the harder the game will be because you’ll have to choose the right control scheme to win. It’s a very addictive game. Give him a chance!

Ricochet Kills 2

This is another fantastic puzzle game where you’d get some ammo and you’ll have to blow up the walls you see on your screen. Therefore, to achieve killings you need to move to the next level. You will get points if you can do it in a shorter period of time and if it can be faster than your opponents.

Swords and souls

This game talks about Rogue who wants to become the strongest warrior on his land one day. So take care of him so that he can achieve his goal and fulfill his wishes. You’d be ready to fight thousands of powerful fighters. To do this, objects and magic will help you. In case it fails, try again

Run 3

There are many versions of the Run game, you may wonder why you decided to put Run 3 on the list. The reasons are quite simple: Run 3 has more levels and comes with improved graphics compared to other versions. You have to make the alien run through a tube. That won’t be easy as you expected. Watch out for the holes you find!

Papa’s Cooking Games Series

FLIPLINE developed many games, but Papa’s Cooking Games are considered the most successful games. All of that is for a reason, as the whole series brings fun and fun. Customers come to order their food and their job is to satisfy them by making a very delicious meal. If the customer is happy, he will pay. Therefore, be sure to offer the best.


This game is known as the most famous flash game thanks to Nokia, which has installed the Snake on its old phones. The advantage of this game is that it allows you to kill time every time you are bored. The principle is simple, you’re a snake and you have to grow up. To do this, you need to eat the dots you see on the screen. The game comes with only three levels: Slug, Worm and Python. Slug is the mode for beginners because it is the slowest; However, Python is for experienced players who need to go faster.

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